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Do you have all you need to sell your fashion collection?

Whether you are a new or established brand, taking an assessment on your brand identity’s health is major key.  I have seen many talented fashion designers over the year, with some amazing collections and attract customers and buyers with their creative presentations but are weak when it comes to brand identity.  Brand identity is the foundation needed to establish a strong marketing and public relations campaign.  Being strong in this area can attract or repel the individuals you seek attention from

Logos are key for a designer.  It can even be a key element for your fabric design or embellishments.  Having right logo(s) is the key.  For fashion, your logo should be transferrable to one color if necessary.  The font used should be legible. The icons or monograms associated, should connect with your brand. In my opinion, avoid script or handwritten fonts all together. If using multiple colors, limit it to no more than three, but make sure it still will look good in one color. 

Have a website.  Even if it’s one page and you don’t plan to sell online.   Having a digital homebase will help people to find you and know how to contact you.  Displaying your look book, marketing campaign and catalog online can really help your brand.  But like anything else, make sure it looks right.  You don’t get a. second. Chance to make a first impression.

Create marketing and advertising campaigns.  Once you have your collection, work with your team to create some visuals.  Decide on a theme for the collection you plan to market.  Hire a photography team or creative director to help you to create a photos and video presentation of that campaign.  You don’t have to have a big budget; you just need to expand your creativity and make the vision for your collection come alive in a pictorial.  

Overall, presentation is the key to brand identity.  A high-quality logo, campaign, website and other marketing collateral will set your brand apart from others.  It shows that you are not just creative but you are going to be around for the long term.


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