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Five ways to market your visual arts brand

So, you are a creative, an artist, but branding yourself can still be a challenge.  Your brand identity is more than a logo, its how your prospective clients and investors see you.  As a creative myself, I would say, we often spend time bringing our visions to life, but when it comes to the marketing strategy, that can be challenging. Here are five tips that will not break your bank or take too much time to execute:

  1. Have a social media account.  This might sound redundant, but believe me, there are still artists without a social media account. I would say Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Tik Tok are the most important for visual artists.  You don’t have to post every day, but 3 times a week consistently can build your brand tremendously.
  2. Establish Brand Identity:  Every brand, no matter the industry needs three things:  a logo, a bio and a website.  I added aa website, because that is your digital home base.  That is where you should post your latest updates first.  People can more easily find you if you have your own website.  Logos are important. Because that is how people will recognize your brand.  A biography is where you tell your story.  Very important for building relationships with the media.
  3. Collaborate with other Creatives in your Community.  Collaboration is an effective marketing tool.  Bartering and collaboration will introduce you to circles you wouldn’t have met on your own.  Participating in projects that are mutually beneficial but doesn’t cost you many dollars will allow you to expand your reach.
  4. Sell Your Art Online.  Another perk of having your own website is that you can sell your own art online. Having a digital space to display and/or sell your art can allow you to make your work accessible to a global market. 
  5. Create Video Content:  Today, reels on Instagram, Facebook and videos on Tik Tok are making a lot of people go viral.  Videos of your creative process, expressing your thoughts, any other event associated with your brand is what help your brand to cross borders.   It is important to have social media accounts, but without the right content, you will not see desired results.  

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