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Art X Moda Returns 2023.

Ithought of Art X Moda Fashion & Art Weekend years ago.  It was right before the pandemic.  I had a vision that I wanted to create a platform dedicating to showcasing creativity at its greatest but also promoting diversity in the creative industries that have a lot of barriers to entry.  

I have done many events before, some fashion and some art.  With experience and a great team, I was able to execute a fabulous event that left our guests wanting more.  As it was AXM’s first event, there were hiccups and room for improvement. Now we are ready to do. This again in 2023.

What can you look for in 2023?   One of the things I realize is that diversity is major key, even in production.  We will be exhibiting digitally as well as on site.  We are creating packages that gives our talent an opportunity to expand their brands globally.  AXM is not about buyers.  It is about marketing.  As a marketing professional and a creative directory, I am finalizing the program that will be mutually beneficial to AXM as well as its talent, local and global communities.  

We currently invite talent in Fashion Design, Beauty and the Arts to register.  This year our exhibition is beyond the runway and canvas, we want to expand to performance and photography as well.  Dancers, Musicians, Vocal artists are also welcome.  Let’s work. 


Art X Moda Fashion & Art Weekend is an event geared to promote diversity in Fashion, Beauty & the Arts.

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